New name. New look. Same trusted service.

Permanex Plumbing is changing to Happy Dog Plumbing! Permanex Plumbing has been a key player within the Plumbing and Central Heating industry within London for over a decade. During this time the company has built up a client base of over 10,000 properties within Greater London. In December 2014, Permanex Plumbing & Building Services Ltd decided to solely concentrate on …

Here’s Some Plumbing News

Here is some plumbing news that’s going to save you time money and a whole lot of effort. To save enough more time and effort, why not call Happy Dog?

Check out our new website

Take a look at our new website, isn’t it bloody brilliant? We’ve done this and that and the other and this is the best thing we’ve ever had. Remember to delete this post before the website launched though!