Unblocking a sink

We know that anyone can encounter the occasional maintenance issue, including Dave, the Editor of Tooting Daily Press (who isn’t exactly what you’d call skilled in DIY). Luckily for him, our Company Director Ed was on hand to offer him some advice:
Dave: “Hi Ed. My bathroom sink is blocked. The water’s draining incredibly slowly, and by slowly, I mean hours. Any ideas?”
Ed: Alright Dave, talk me through it…”
Thus began the start of chatting with Dave of Tooting Daily Press and helping him to unblock his sink with some simple advice over the phone. Ed talked Dave through the following…
Always a first port of call. More often than not, there’s a bit of gunk that can be shifted with a swift tug (stop sniggering at the back there). However, after some vigorous plunging by Dave, he reported the sink was still draining incredibly slowly.
Check the trap
Really easy – sink traps are designed to be unscrewed by hand, eliminating the need for a wrench or spanner. Soap and hair can clog it up from time to time, so make sure that’s clear. Dave checked the trap and reported it was all clean, nothing there.

Sink unblocker
Right, getting a bit more serious now. There are all kinds of un-blockers out there, but here at Permanex Plumbing we recommend One Shot – however, this stuff is very corrosive and should be treated with extreme care. You’ll need to get the rubber gloves out when using this stuff!
Dropped pipe
But before Dave started to unscrew the One Shot…
E: “Hang on Dave,” says Ed, “Are you sure that it’s the drain that’s blocked?”
D: “Of course I am Ed, what else could it be?”
E: “Can you see the drainage pipe? What does it look like? Is it sloping downwards?”
D: “Yep – ah…it appears to have come loose…oh…”

The drainage pipe slopes up to the left so water can’t drain; fixed to the bracket with some Sugru.

That’s right – the bracket holding the pipe in the correct position had come loose and the pipe had dropped. As there was no hole for the lower bracket screw (suggesting whoever fitted it did a shoddy job), Dave used some Sugru to keep it in place while he awaited a friend with a drill to come round and give me him a hand. Pipe fixed. The water drains beautifully.

We know that it isn’t always possible to solve every problem over the phone, but we are always happy to try and offer advice over the phone 24-7. If the problem is more complex, then we can book in for one of our experienced engineers to attend and investigate.
Call us on the dog and bone: 0208 8879 7372 or Email us at: hello@happydogplumbing.london