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If your boiler in Battersea is slowly giving up, or it’s not working entirely, it sounds like it’s time to get a new one installed. A new boiler will provide your home in Battersea with the hot water it needs, so that you aren’t showering or washing up in discomfort. After 25 years of experience in installing boilers, we have all the knowledge and advice you could need when it comes to your boilers, and your home will be safe in our hands with your brand-new installation. We have installed new boilers in homes throughout Battersea, on roads such as Balfern Street and Warriner Gardens. Whether for the repair of your boiler or an upgrade to better suit your Battersea home’s needs, get in touch with us on 0208 8797372.


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If you’d like to talk with our experts to discuss exactly what your boiler in Battersea needs, give us a call. We’re available on 0208 8797372 or to email on You could complete our contact form for a response from our team.

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Benefits of a new boiler in
your Battersea home

The installation of a new boiler in your Battersea home can have many benefits. This can include:

Improved energy efficiency

Boiler technology is constantly improving, and so a brand-new boiler will likely provide your home with an increased level of energy efficiency. This is not only good for the environment, but for your energy bills.

Space savings

Newer boilers are often smaller and more space efficient than older ones. By installing a new one in your Battersea home, you could benefit from slightly more living space and an unobtrusive boiler.

No problems in heating your home

A new boiler will provide you with the peace of mind that your home in Battersea will have the hot water and heating it needs, when it needs it. This is an especially important concern in the winter.

Part of the Maintracts team

We’ve partnered with Maintracts Services to ensure that every enquiry receives the swiftest possible response.
Our combined team and shared values ensure that you won’t be kept waiting for an expert plumber to arrive.

Working with the best

We work with reputable boiler brands, ensuring that your Battersea home benefits from the best technology that suits your requirements. The boilers we provide include Ideal boilers, Worcester boilers and Vaillant boilers. We are experienced in installing these boilers, and can provide you with the testimonials you need from our happy customers to assure you.

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Boiler installation FAQs

If you have questions regarding your boiler installation in Battersea, we’re the people to talk to.
We frequently get questions regarding our services, and you could benefit from the answers too.

You’ll know if you need a new boiler installation if yours is prone to frequent breakdowns, makes unusual noises or smells, and has low pressure, just to name a few. If you’re in doubt, it’s best to get in touch.

This is very dependent on your home in Battersea, but a new boiler installation could take anywhere from half a day to a few days. This is something our team would be happy to discuss with you during your consultation.

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When wondering who to choose for your excellent boiler installations in Battersea, we should be your only option. Find out what you will benefit from when working with our team.

Years of experience

Combined, our team has more than 50 years of experience. This ensures you can rely on us, and our alliance with our sister company, Maintracts Services Ltd, allows you to benefit from the best no matter what you need.

Competitive pricing

Whilst benefitting from excellent services at the highest standards, we’re proud to say that our boiler installations are competitive in price. We don’t think anyone should have to struggle to provide their homes with heating and hot water.

Industry knowledge

Our experts know the industry like the back of their hand. Anything you could need, as well as questions about your boiler installations, feel free to discuss it with our team. Your home in Battersea will be well taken care of.

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