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If you’re suffering from an older boiler in your home in Wandsworth, you could be due for a replacement installation. There are many benefits that you will experience from a boiler installation in Wandsworth, and this could even make your home a better place to live. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry, allowing our customers throughout the area to rely on us and trust our expertise. We have worked throughout Wandsworth, from Barchard Street to Merton Road, installing boilers of the highest quality that our customers are always satisfied with. To start the process of treating your home to a new boiler, get in touch with us on 0208 8797372.


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We love speaking with our customers in Wandsworth, and are happy to impart our knowledge about boiler installations. Give us a call on 0208 8797372, email or complete our contact form for a response and arrange a consultation.

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Benefits of a new boiler in
your Wandsworth home

The installation of a new boiler in your home in Wandsworth could haver many benefits. These benefits could even positively impact your quality of life in your property.

Improved energy efficiency

A new boiler in your Wandsworth home could improve your energy efficiency. This can result in you lowering your carbon footprint, having a greener household, and perhaps even lowering your bills.

Space savings

If your currently boiler is larger and slightly clunky, you may benefit from a new boiler whose model is smaller. This can free up some additional space in your home, that you can use how you like.

No problems in heating your home

The installation of a new boiler will mean that you can have the valuable peace of mind that your boiler will be able to provide what your home needs. Anything that decreases your worry is worth it!

Part of the Maintracts team

We’ve partnered with Maintracts Services to ensure that every enquiry receives the swiftest possible response.
Our combined team and shared values ensure that you won’t be kept waiting for an expert plumber to arrive.

Working with the best

Our team only works with products that we trust. Installing boilers from companies such as Worcester, Ideal and Vaillant, we are confident in the quality of these products and the effect they have on homes in Wandsworth. Our customers are always satisfied with the level of customer service they experience from our expert team.

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FAQs for boiler installations

Our past customers have often had some questions for us, and we think that the answers could be worth you knowing too!
Your home in Wandsworth deserves the best.

Your boiler will show some signs if it’s in need of a replacement. These could include low pressure, unusual smells and noises, as well as frequent problems and breakdowns. If your home in Wandsworth is suffering from these things, our team is who to consult.

Your boiler installation will vary depending on your home and your individual circumstances. It could take anywhere between half a day to a few days – our team can impart more knowledge on this during your consultation.

Why work with our Happy Dog
Plumbing & Heating team?

Here at Happy Dog Plumbing and Heating, we are dedicated to providing the most excellent service to our customers in Wandsworth. We work with Maintracts Services Ltd, and their expertise is also excellent and their skill is apparent in their services. When working with us, you will experience:

Years of experience

Our team has so much experience, with more than 50 years in the industry between us. This experience allows us to tailor your services to your home in Wandsworth, with a personal service.

Competitive pricing

If you’ve been looking for excellent boiler services but at fair prices, you can stop the search. We provide competitive costing, ensuring your new boiler doesn’t break the bank.

Industry knowledge

The knowledge that we have built up will be perfect for the works needed on your home in Wandsworth. Your property is safe in our hands, and we can always answer your questions.

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